Social Assistance

If you wish to apply for funding for children in the context of family assistance, we must insist on proof of economic need. It must be submitted either copies of all proof of income that are relevant for the period of support or confirmation of social service provider. We expressly point out that we only support minor children and adolescents. Applications without a complete written proof of income can not be edited.

In view of the many requests for help that we receive and in view of our limited funds, we had to develop selection criteria if only to ensure equal treatment

We cannot sponsor the following:

  • Various types of therapies (dolphin-assisted therapy, hippotherapy, Kozijavkin and Petö therapies etc.)
  • Bone marrow typing
  • House conversions to make them suitable for people with disabilities (staircase lift, extensions, wheelchair ramps etc.)
  • Purchasing/conversion of cars (for people with disabilities)
  • Purchasing of school material
  • "Family assistance" in the larger sense (paying for rental debt, gas bills, carpets etc.)
  • Trips abroad (recuperation breaks, school trips)