Our statutes...

...explain the purpose of our foundation and our legal form.

Here you find our statutes as well as our most recent notice of exemption for downloading. Stiftung Zuversicht für Kinder was set up as a foundation under private law, which pursues charitable purposes. As a foundation with legal capacity it is subject to government supervision.

Due to our commitment to the development and welfare of young people, and according to the last notice of exemption that we received from the tax authorities of Hannover-Nord, tax no. 25 / 206 / 35058, dated 3 November 2011, we are exempt from corporation tax covering the years 2008 to 2010 pursuant to section 5, paragraph 1, no. 9 of the German Law on Corporation Tax.

Stiftung Zuversicht für Kinder Germany is entitled to issue donation receipts. Please do not forget to include your full address on the remittance slip. Please contact us (Contact) if you have not received a receipt by the start of the following year at the latest.

In the case of donations of up to €200, the tax authorities are satisfied with a bank transfer slip as confirmation.

Download: The statutes (pdf 105.1 kB | 01.09.2015)
Download: The notice of exemption (pdf 246.6 kB | 01.09.2015)