We help children in need

In 1991, AWD set up the charitable foundation AWD-Stiftung Kinderhilfe. With the takeover of the company by the Swiss Life Group, the foundation changed its name as well: 2013 "AWD-Stiftung Kinderhilfe" became “Stiftung Zuversicht für Kinder”.

The purpose of Stiftung Zuversicht für Kinder is to offer charitable and altruistic assistance to children all over the world, whose life chances and opportunities of development are diminished. By doing so the foundation pursues clearly defined goals; it aims to save lives, cure children from disease and ease material suffering. The objective is to give children a better future and to enable them to lead autonomous and independent lives.

The foundation is primarily funded by the consultants and employees of Swiss Life Select Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic as well as Horbach Wirtschaftsberatung. On a voluntary basis, they regularly donate part of their income; they do not simply ensure the financial basis of this foundation but they are also actively involved in its work. Due to their help and the support provided by partner companies, clients and private individuals, countless children have been given new life prospects.

For years, Stiftung Zuversicht für Kinder has been cooperating with competent aid organisations in order to use the donated funds in a way that best helps the needy.

Under the direction of its Board of Directors and its Board of Trustees, the foundation does not just provide swift but, also and above all, unbureaucratic help all over the world. The foundation assists in serious individual cases through, for example, the pro-rata financing of life-saving operations, as well as in war zones, crisis regions and the so-called developing countries. Due to short decision-making processes and helped by the indefatigable voluntary commitment of many people, it has been possible, over the last few years, to help thousands of children, who, by no fault of their own, are forced to live with poverty, disease, hunger and war. The urgency of the help is not judged in terms of nationality, religion or colour of skin. Time and time again, it is exclusively the suffering child who is the priority - in Germany and in any other country in the world.

Stiftung Zuversicht für Kinder is an international supporting foundation in the first place. Apart from this the foundation startetd several years ago with the implementation of its own operational projects – such as the West-African Noma-Project (1996 – 2011) and the establishment of a treatment center for children with facial deformities in Kygyzstan as a joint project with the Swiss sister-foundation (since 2003). In Austria and Czech Republic, the Stiftung Zuversicht für Kinder has been solely supportive engaged.